June is out, July is in!

We are at the end of one month and at the beginning of another month. On any given day Sacramento’s full of dozens of things to do. And today would like to highlight a few of those in the upcoming month.

– For those who love the jazz, we have a wonderful ensemble of truly mesmerizing hot jazz visiting our fair city. Performing at the Torch Club, Hot City will mesmerize you with the wide range of musical performances. Ranging in melodies from the Middle East to the South Pacific, this ensemble is the ticket to watch July 2.

– Seeing as it is July, how could we possibly talk about events this month without mentioning Fourth of July celebrations. One of the biggest parties this year is going to be at Raley Field, with the second annual forth on the field block party. This is going to be a massive event form multiple hours ending a spectacular fireworks display. We can arrange for all your transportation to and from here so that you can skip all the traffic.

– For those who enjoy the performing arts, this month is the Summer Jam 2014 at the Laughs Unlimited Club. With a wide range of performances of live music and poetry reading, this is the perfect place to enjoy an evening out. Make sure to mark your calendar for the 10th of July and don’t miss this spectacular show.

– If you enjoy local performances and indie music, as well as painting and photography by local talents, a night at the Urban Hive is a great place to go. With these of it ending on the 12th this would be a great place to go for a night out on the town.

– If you’re into foreign film, Sacramento will be home to the 10th annual Sacramento Japanese film Festival. To get your samurai on, go and enjoy all the foreign film you can handle July 18-20. This has been such a popular attraction overeat the years, that it has expanded from the one-day festival to now be three day festival.

– July is also the end of the Concerts at the Park 2014 tour. This is a great place to go and enjoy local musicians ranging in style from classic rock to contemporary rap. The matter what your poison is, musically speaking at least, this is a great place to find. The last day of these concerts is going to be on the 28th so hurry and plan your trip soon.

We understand that this is just a short synapse of what is going on Sacramento, not to mention everything is coming on in our neighborhood. This is just a quick taste of things that we thought you might enjoy. Call Empire Limos to plan a great night out or maybe even turn in so weekend.

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