Happy Birthday America!

It is that time of year again. We celebrate our countries birth every year. And every year it’s just as much fun and just as great. I mean what could be better? Hot dogs, fireworks, burgers and family and friends having fun. No matter how you cut it, Fourth of July is one of the greatest days the year for us Americans.

In Northern California, as with everything, is quite unique in celebrating the Fourth of July.

For us in the Sacrament Region, it’s hard to choose what we are doing for Fourth of July not because of lack of choice, but because of its abundance.

This week, we’d like to talk about a few options that you have.

In the city. In the city of Sacramento we have many official big firework displays. The two biggest ones being at Raley Field and at Cal Expo. These two events are amazing and do not have anything lacking. When it comes to Cal Expo, this is mostly a fireworks display show. There is a little bit of warm-up for everybody, but if you want to watch fireworks this is definitely the place to be. There is going to be a 15 to 30 minute show depending on the program this year. The display at Raley Field is more of an evening out. The Raley Field show begins with a concert to celebrate our country’s birth day. It concludes with a fireworks show. Both these places are amazing to go to and you can enjoy them just a little bit more with Empire Limos since you won’t have to fight the traffic.

South Lake Tahoe. As if the displays inside Sacramento were not enough, we have two wonderful destinations within easy driving distance. The first destination that would like to talk about is South Lake Tahoe. Every year there is a huge fireworks display that can be visible from the beaches of South Lake Tahoe. This is one of the largest displays of fireworks in the country, and draws huge crowds. So if you’re in the mood for a party and would like to get there in comfort and style call Empire Limos and will arrange everything for you.

San Francisco Bay Area. Also near to Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area has another one of the largest fireworks displays in the country. Not unlike the South Tahoe party, the San Francisco Bay Area fireworks display can be visible from many parts of the Bay Area. As a result, all around the Bay Area there are many parties being organized so that you can enjoy the fireworks display better. If you are planning to attend any of these, especially if you’re leaving from Sacramento, call Empire Limos and we will make sure you get there on time, in comfort and properly jazzed for the party, after partying for two hours in one of our party buses.

This is far from an extensive list of destinations for Fourth of July. In fact this doesn’t even scratch the surface of the iceberg. If you have any cool ideas share them with us through Facebook, G+ or Twitter and we would love to share with everyone else.

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