Road Trip Destination: Northern Coast

California is a spectacularly beautiful state.  With highlights featuring and ranging from the ocean to the mountains, and everything in between. Everyone at Empire Limos loves the fact that we live in the heart of this beautiful state. One of the best ways to enjoy it is to drive through. No matter which were highway take over which direction you drive and there’ll be something beautiful to see.

For the next few weeks we will highlight a few of these scenic routes. After all if driving it is enjoyable, how much more enjoyable would be in the backseat of a beautiful vehicle enjoying food and drink all the way.

This week we will be looking a stretch of our coast.

No matter from where you are starting the day trip, the first spectacular views will be when you reach the North Bay. Here on the scenic byways you will enjoy the floodplains in the Delta like never before. These beautiful lush regions of our state are home to a diverse ecosystem. When driving their here you will be old to see various animals and birds, as well as enjoy the views of the rolling hills.

As you drive further you will reach the San Francisco Monument Park. This beautiful location is the northern side of the Golden Gate bridge. The park itself is spectacular and beautiful. This area also boasts some of the finest eating establishments in all of the Bay Area. Which says something when it comes to the Bay Area.road

After a short break here we would begin heading north on Highway 1. This is where the truly breathtaking views begin. With cliff’s reaching vertically hundreds of feet out of the ocean and the highway hugging the coast is of clean for dear life, you will enjoy the spectacular views of the ocean like never before. Just as a disclaimer this particular part is not for those who get carsick easily, however in the limousine it would be a spectacularly pleasant way to see the sunset.

As you meander out of the coast you will see various beautiful little towns and have dozens of opportunities to stop and eat at wonderful places.cliffs

On the way home make sure to stop by one of the vistas enjoy the sunset, since this part of the coastline offers one of the most spectacular views from all of California.

Over the next few weeks we will talk about many other scenic routes throughout California. There’s plenty to choose from. If you have a specific suggestion or if you want to find out how you can enjoy our beautiful state in a very unique way, give us a call and we would love to help you out.


All images cutesy of Pintrest.

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