Great Week For Indoor Fun

With the radical change in weather we are having this week, outdoor events are seeming less attractive than usual. But that’s okay. Empire Limos can take you to a wide range of indoor events to.

In Sacramento we have a nice selection this week of places to go.

For our music loving fans, there are dozens of events going on this week. Whether it’s downtown at the Crest, midtown at the lounges, or anywhere in the middle, Empire Limousines will get you there in time for the show.

Just a quick little highlight, we have a few retro shows this week that we thought you would like to know about. First off is the Robert Cray Band. This All-American blues band is amazing to watch live. The Crest Theater venue is going to enhance the experience.

If blues isn’t necessarily you’re saying, we always have Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra. This Spanish guitar band is the perfect combination of classic and spunky. To enjoy them at the Harlow’s Restaurant & Nightclub is going to be quite a treat.

Another great experience at Harlow’s Restaurant & Nightclub is going to be the show put on by Catherine Russell and Her Trio. This amazing vocal jazz ensemble is an amazing night out.

No matter which one of these you want to go to it’s important to get there comfortably and in style. Empire Limos has everything you need. Whether you want an executive vehicle with the driver, an exotic vehicle with the thunder, or transportation for you and 50 of your best friends, we have you covered.

On the other hand you might not be musically inclined. It’s okay. There’s something for you to. To get an amazing laugh, the Sacramento Comedy Spot is hosting the An All Geek Comedy Show. To laugh at the postmodern hyper communication era, the utter ridiculousness of technology, and over sharing on social media the Comedy Spot is definitely the place to be. The only real downside to the Comedy Spot is the parking situation. To not look for parking spot, and make sure you can enjoy everything offered at the table, call Empire Limos were right. We are definitely cheaper than a DUI.

If you prefer to eat rather than laugh, The Kitchen Restaurant is in amazing experience. Here you’re not just enjoying the food, you’re sitting at a dinner table watching chefs cook. This is truly a dinner party event with everyone enjoying the conversation is much as the food. Make sure to have a ride back home though. Call Empire Limos. We are classier than a taxi, and often more comfortable. Who needs a designated driver when have one on speed dial?

Whatever your needs Empire Limos is ready to serve. Give us a call and will do everything possible to accommodate you and all of your friends. As always please like us on Facebook, add us to your G plus circles, and follow us on twitter.

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