Lake Tahoe and Back

It’s been a few weeks since we talked about scenic routes in California. Without we give you another route that we love in particular. This one is not a back road scenic route though. Empire Limos suggests doing a nice long summer road trip up into the Lake Tahoe area.

The route we suggest is starting on Highway 50, heading all the way up to Lake Tahoe, taking one of the highways along Lake Tahoe North to Highway 80, and going back down the mountain on 80.

One of the greatest ways to experience this beautiful scenic route is behind the wheel of a roaring, high-performance vehicle. Empire Limos has a number of beautiful vehicles for you to choose from.

On the way up Highway 50, there are a few places to stop and take a break. The first place is Apple Hill. This iconic little place in the hills has the best apple pie and in general feels like a mini carnival. Arrived before the crowds and enjoy a wonderful meal.


The next great pitstop is a view of Horsetail Falls. This 800 foot water fall is easily seen from the highway and there is a small parking area where you can get out and stretch your legs.

horsetail_fallsIf you’re looking for food, South Lake Tahoe has dozens of places where you can get something to eat. Ranging from mainstream fast food to upscale restaurants.

From South Tahoe, you have two options. Option one you can go on the West side of Lake Tahoe. Highway 89 things you all the way to Highway 80, and will give you a beautiful view of Emerald Bay, as well as dozens of views of Lake Tahoe itself.

emrald bay

If you have an extra few hours, you can drive into Nevada and take the East Side of Lake Tahoe of Highway 50 to Highway 28 to Highway 80. This will also give you a number of beautiful vistas of Lake Tahoe as well as a view of Crystal Bay and Agate Bay. Both are breathtaking and worthy of a picture.

On the way down Highway 80 there are dozens of places where you can stop and eat. Ranging from Inn-and-Out and Taco-Bell and ending with four-star restaurants. It really depends on what you’re in the mood for.

The perfect ending to this road trip is pausing at the Vista Point and watching the sunset over the entire Sacramento Valley.

If you like how this looks in your imagination, call Empire Limos to reserve your Ferrari or Lamborghini. And as always don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and asked your G plus circles.

Thank you Pintrest and for the pictures.

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